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Welcome to a groundbreaking educational experience where mathematics and mystery converge to unlock your potential. Our Maths Forensics Course introduces an innovative method to learn maths, employing criminal investigations to teach a wide range of mathematical concepts—from scale, speed, and distance to arithmetic, geometry, algebra, data analysis, and probability.

Why Maths Forensics?

In the Maths Forensics Course, students don't just learn mathematical concepts; they apply them within the compelling context of criminal investigations. Each lesson is designed around a relatable problem, allowing students to see maths in action. This realistic, problem-solving approach not only boosts understanding and retention but also grows students' confidence in their mathematical abilities.
Our course follows an exciting, realistic storyline where students are guided through the investigative process, building their confidence through real-life examples applied to police work. As students progress, they face increasingly challenging cases, enhancing their problem-solving skills and mathematical proficiency.

In this course you'll learn about:

Engaging Storylines

Dive into a world where every number has a narrative. Our courses are designed around thrilling crime stories that make learning an adventure.

Real-World Application

See the real impact of mathematical concepts through hands-on investigations and analysis that mimic actual forensic work.

Progressive Difficulty

As you master the basics, the challenges grow. Solve more complex cases and advance through levels of difficulty.

Certification and Advancement

Successful completion of qualification tests and case resolutions leads to certificates, badges, and other recognitions, simulating a real-life career ladder in forensic analysis.
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